Temple Lah Transformation Oracle


Colourful, holistic and wild by nature this Oracle will guide you gently and connect you to your inner most being.

44 watercolour images and 85 page guidebook, including affirmations, guidance and creative arts projects to discover, connect and free the inner wild spirit within.

'There is an essence to explore in each of the cards, but know that there is an underlying essence for the whole pack, and that is: you come first. Fill your cup up far and wide with what you truly love and then overflow from a place of wholeness. Know that anything can be achieved when we have our feet firmly placed on the ground, to cultivate balance within our lives and focus, and pinpoint on our passions and dreams. Listen to the signposts and you will be great, and you will be true, because there is no one just like you. You have your own divine imprint to share that is uniquely special to you. So go on now, explore the 'Lah', become acquainted with that unchanging, magical force, and feel the joy bubble inside of you like the cosmic supernova that you are.' Leesa Maree

Fill your cup up far and wide..