Fine Art 

2017 Series

Leesa Maree is captivated by nature's patterns perticularily that of the butterfly's. Intrigued by a butterfly's fragility that has endured the very roots of transformation to metamorph into it's final stage of physical existence, Leesa, explore's through paint that intuitive process. A depiction if you will of the butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis and the energetic imprint it carries from that experience bathed in the mysterious.  Leesa's watercolour paintings breathe detail and honour to the Butterfly's symbolic gifts of wholeness. Each painting is given a female name that evokes certain powers within the painting for the viewer to embody. 

'The butterfly surrenders to the magic within the chrysalis and so to does the Artist within the painting. Now through the understanding of 'Embodied Cognition', we can say that the spectator too can surrender to the painting, to receive, the energetic imprint & healing nature that the Artist is channelling.' Leesa Maree

2017 Series Neheh, Pele, Pema & Aiyana