Hatha Flow



A strong, slow, smooth flow that incorporates Vinyasa sequence & mindfulness. Wonderful class to build core strength and suppleness through movement.


Waterlily Yin



Yin shapes (Poses held for approx 3-5 minutes) to slow down the breathe and lengthen the fascia that covers the muscles of the body. Perfect to unwind, reflect and calm the nervous system. Builds sustained focus & connection to stillness. Tibetan Sound Bowls are played in Savasana.


Waterlily Yin/Yang



A blend of Yin/Yang shapes & flow with 70% of the class is done on the floor. A smooth, delicious class to create balance and to centre in your being. 


Painting Yin/ Painting Hatha Flow


1hr of Yin shapes & 30min of creative expression/paint

Through sustained movement we create space to embody patience, mindfulness and acceptance to what arises in the body, mind, spirit connection. You are then invited to transfer the simplicity of YIN through paint on a small piece of paper within a circle (Mandala).

Painting Hatha Flow - 1hr Expressive Flow & 30min of creative expression/paint

 A class that leads with the breath to embody movement & explore flow in a mindful way. This is then enacted on a large piece of paper with paint to express in it's purest form energy... prana... chi....light e.t.c


Yoga Heart for seniors 



A gentle practice that weaves together simple, adaptable vinyasa krama flow with yin shapes & meditation. Chair yoga can be offered for low care residents who have knee injuries. Perfect for over 60's seniors to relax and unwind.