Hello, my name is Leesa and my background is in Art, Art Therapy and Yoga. I can vouch first hand how much creativity can open ourselves up, to explore, a vast landscape of possibilities. Art is healing and it reflects our truth inside. I created the 'Temple Lah Transformation Oracle' as a tool for others to experience how the creative process can help us understand ourselves better, heal inner conflicts and assist us to define what it is that truly nourishes us. The pack of 44 original watercolour cards & creative projects provides a platform to become the explorer on a journey of self discovery and empower us to change our dialogues to match what it is we truly want and who we truly want to be.

If I am not painting in my studio then you will usually find me on the mat in a Hatha Flow class, dreaming in a cafe somewhere, under a tree in the sun, dancing wildly at a concert or befriending my often, these days, neglected guitar. You will also see from my work that I am a lover of colour and detail. My large 'Butter Fan' paintings take a considerable amount of time to paint and incorporate intricate patterns that help me to focus and calm; it is my meditation. I hope these products here give you as much inspiration as they did for myself when I was creating them. This is my dharma and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. Perhaps we will meet one day at one of my Yoga classes in Anna Bay.




Painting Hatha Flow & Painting Yin

Painting has very much become my meditation, my sacred mystery and gifted me so many insights into who I am as a person, soul & spirit being. I studied Visual Art & Art Therapy, eager to explore the relationship between creativity & healing. Now I have found they are meshed together, entwined, reflecting our truths for understanding, gifting liberating moments for growth and promoting joyous play (leela). To bathe in the freedom of colour, composition and expression is the most wonderful feeling. It's so liberating and empowering to know you can explore and birth something new- and we all have access to this exploration through experimentation and creative play. This is why I have chosen to connect the dots and fusion together my love for yoga and creativity. The painting Hatha Flow & Painting Yin classes enable the student to further explore their sensory experience for integration, understanding and increased self-awareness.

Leesa is available to be be contracted to teach these classes in your studio. Please go to contact page to make a booking.

200YTT Santosha- Institute Bali, Advanced Yin teacher training- Hugh Lee, Diploma in Visual Art- Victorian University, Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy- Pheonix Institute, Reiki 1& 2- Melbourne Reiki Courses, Tibetan Sound Massage 1 & 2- Maranta Sound Academy. Leesa was also a long time member of Gertrude st Yoga- Fitzroy and would recommend anyone on the north-side of Melbourne to check out this wonderful studio with fantastic teachers. Leesa walked into her first yoga class in 1997 and it has been a thread that has weaved it's way in & out of her life both in studios and in personal practice. Leesa would like to give thanks to her first teacher Pete at Merewhether High School Hall, Newcastle for laying down the foundation to a wonderful path that continues to teach & enrich her life.