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Hello, my name is Leesa and I am the vessel for Temple Lah. My background is in Art, Art Therapy and Yoga. Nine years ago I was experimenting/ sketching in my Visual Diary and the first half of the Temple Lah Transformation Oracle Cards were born. It wasn't until much later with some learning and growth that I completed the 44 card oracle deck and guidance book over a period of 1 year. Each card has a Creative Arts project to explore, experiment, feel into and enjoy. I can vouch first hand how much creativity can open ourselves up, to explore, a vast landscape of possibilities. Art is healing and it reflects our truth inside.

If I am not painting in my studio then you will usually find me on the mat in a Hatha Flow class, dreaming over chai tea, under a palm tree eating dragon fruit, dancing wildly at a concert or befriending my often, these days, neglected guitar. You will also see from my work that I am a lover of colour and detail. My large 'Butter Fan' paintings take a considerable amount of time to paint and incorporate intricate patterns that help me to focus and calm; it is my meditation. I hope these products here give you as much inspiration as they did for myself when I was creating them. This is my dharma and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. Perhaps we will meet one day at one of my Yoga classes in Melbourne. 


                     Temple Lah oath

                   Temple Lah oath

Temple Lah breathes to the tune of the rainbow. All products are made with passion, love, detailed charisma and unique artistry. We at Temple Lah believe Art and Healing are one and the same and commit to give offerings that will brighten up the room, the person and the larger community. We believe the world needs more joy, happiness and good vibes. We raise happiness at the top of our work ethic, so when you open your special love filled package, light shines on you.

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