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Painting Hatha Flow

10 week term based workshop at Dancehouse: 150 Princes St, Carlton North. Wednesdays starting 3/10/18 5.00pm - 6.30pm

To book go to; or you can pay on night by cash or away

$15 full, $12 student or for four block booking

A fusion of movement 'Hatha Flow' & creative processing 'Art as Medicine'.

Class structure: 45 min Hatha Flow Asana practice, 15 min Savasana, 20 min creative processing, 5 min aesthetic meditation, 5 min we unite

Note: Mats on site. Paper will be provided but it would be beneficial to bring your own A3/ A4 watercolour visual diary along for documentation.

Yoga Lah

Yoga Lah classes run by Leesa are for all from beginner to seasoned. Lots of alternative's given to make for an accessible class. Leesa is also the creator of 'Painting Hatha Flow' a fusion of Hatha Flow movement and creative processing. With a background in Art Therapy and first time self - published 'Temple Lah Transformation Oracle' Art Therapy cards, Leesa, felt it only fitting to fuse together the two modalities. A space for students to explore the plethora of benefits that can spring through Body, Mind, Spirit exploration for integrated awareness and if anything to understand ourselves a little better than before.